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​Recruitment of agents for overseas local companies

KYnext is looking for an agency that operates a corporation overseas.

Since its establishment in February 2020, it has been expanding its business at a tremendous speed with the motto "Customer First".

We have established a record of increased sales and profits in the midst of the corona vortex, which greatly exceeds the expectations of local wealthy individuals and investors.

And in the spring of this year, as the second project, we will develop new food creation through "Wagyu" jointly managed with local investors.

We will carry out the project of "Wagyu Amusement Facility".

This is different from just eating and drinking management, "food = entertainment"

Make people happy through food.

We think that it is "creation of happiness business".

However, our goal is to expand all over Asian countries in 5 years.

While setting goals, we are an agency with a local overseas corporation or

We recognize that joint management is the key to promoting this business.

Therefore, even a simple question is fine.

Interested investors, wealthy people, local corporations, producers, etc.

Please feel free to contact us.

We are waiting for you.


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