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Greetings from us

KY Next was launched in January 2020 with three people

It is a new business company.

Originally, the three of us met together in the food and beverage industry.

It was about 15 years ago.

At that time, the whole of Japan

Still full of energy,

Not only the food and beverage industry but also various industries

Due to the inbound effect

Increase in tourists, rush of hotel construction,

Approval of local governments for private lodging business, etc.

Finally, a system to accept "foreign tourists"

The infrastructure has been improved

It was such a time.

But too much business for tourists

That is for us Japanese

Do you say it's unacceptable?

The relaxed living environment collapses somewhere.

Such footsteps are transmitted steadily

It was such an introductory stage.

And to capture

Due to excessive sales expansion of service content

Small sole proprietor, away from the city

Farmers, livestock industry, fishermen

It is a fact that it is suffering even more.

If the tax goes up, the cost goes up,

If there is no seller, we cannot help but withdraw.

From such a situation

It is "coronavirus".

This serious situation

Not only is it spreading in the news

Even the national treasure "special products" that Japan is proud of

It could have a devastating effect.

There is no urban production in rural production where nature remains

"Great wisdom"

And there is a "tradition that has been handed down".

To protect them

It is also about protecting Japanese culture.

We are the future of such producers and future children

And for posterity

Place there from a long time ago,

A tradition that has been handed down

I want to tell the history.

And through a product called "Made in Japan"

People of various races from all over the world

Hold hands, encourage each other,

Create an opportunity to move forward together.

Such regional revitalization, traditional revitalization

To be a bridge

Through the community

I would like to continue to communicate.

As many people as possible are in good health

So that you can escape from the disaster

I pray from the bottom of my heart.

2020 KY Next LLC

CEO Yoshinori Matsubara


Company name  KY NEXT LLC

Representative name Yoshinori Matsubara


Location 〒600-8009

6 floor, Urbannnet Shijo Karasuma building,

101 Kankobocyo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan


Phone 075-279-4301


Established Reiwa February 3, 2


Business description Export business of food products to overseas

Overseas wholesale, wholesale destination development business

Launch and management of the JAPAN brand of overseas entrepreneurs, investors, and trading companies

Overseas demand expansion business for local special products and agricultural products of government officials.


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