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Here are some examples of questions about exporting to overseas.

​○ Do I need qualifications or procedures to export overseas?

= We will check the necessary qualifications and procedures. We can also act on your behalf.

= Please leave it to our staff. There is no problem with the language wall.

​○ I can't speak a foreign language at all, but is it impossible if someone doesn't prepare it?

​○ How can I find out the import / export method, tariffs and costs?

= Please leave everything about logistic.

​○ How should I collect the price of the product?

= We will stand between our customers and negotiate a fair method with them.

​○ I don't know how to find an overseas seller. ..

= We will check immediately on our own network.

​○ It costs a lot to ask a consulting company, but what can I do?

= We will not charge you until the contract is concluded.
Please feel free to contact us.

​○ What should I do for overseas exhibitions and promotions?

= We will investigate the area that suits the product and the exhibition that has appealing power, and we will also propose the exhibition agency and promotion.
Please tell us your enthusiasm for your products.


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