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Overseas restaurant

From Japan to the World Japanese food business
​ Unfinished Blue Ocean (laughs)
​ KYnext Takayuki Yamada

There are many "Japanese restaurants" overseas.

However, in most cases, about half of them withdraw within a year, which is a severe situation.

At the same time that you can easily eat Japanese food, the technological breakthrough of the Japanese food business in each country

It has become a big point.

And what is the development of the success law of our overseas restaurant business?


One is to partner with local "investors" and "entrepreneurs."

Second, research local "food" trends and build a winning food business in the shortest possible time.

Third, tie-ups with local "influencers" will dramatically increase the probability of success.

etc ..

We have achieved great success in Asian countries, Singapore and Bangkok.

This is the "realistic information gathering to live" that we have a lot, and the overseas standard value.

It is because it is run by a food expert who has experience in "Michelin restaurant".

We have won the tremendous "credibility, trust, and peace of mind" of people who are called overseas wealthy people.

First of all, please tell us your thoughts.

​ Let's walk step by step together.

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