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Overseas sales channel development business

Deliver the thoughts of important producers step by step.
​ KYnext Hidenori Taguri

We are jointly funded by local entrepreneurs in Singapore and Thailand.

We have a corporate company overseas.

Among them, there are many questions about "exporting from Japan to overseas".

I hope it will be helpful.

First of all, there are various things depending on the country.

For example, there are some countries where one "tomato" cannot be exported.

No way! ??

I think there are many people who think that

To give one simple example, there is a "bilateral agreement" between Japan and the countries of our business partners.

There are trading terms.

I want to export the special products of my country or import the missing ones, etc.

There are various rules such as elimination of tariffs, heavy taxation, and even embargo depending on the speculation of each country.

In order to protect the producers in their own country, there are many products that are banned from import.

It means that everything can be smoothly sailed and cannot be exported from Japan to overseas.

We give examples to those who are exporting to overseas for the first time

We will respond, so please ask us for details.

May your loving work reach consumers

​ We will do our best to support you.

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